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Media Most Useful

Catalogues perform the strongest amongst Retail markets holding first position across many categories with Groceries, Alcoholic Beverages, Children’s Wear and Toys being the highest rating. Further to note is 36% of Australians nominate Catalogues as most useful for Clothing and Fashion purchases.

Path to Purchase

Understanding the customers’ path to purchase provides marketers and media buyers insight into the customers’ purchasing journey. Determining which media channel is most useful to the customer when making purchasing decisions tells us what media mix delivers the best sales outcomes. Consideration to the customers’ path to purchase provides invaluable insight.




Kit Kat Japan created packaging designed to trigger an interactive user experience Kit Kat Japan wanted to inspire the country to send students Kit Kat bars to say “Kitto katsu, you’ll surely win on your exams”. How they did it Kit Kat Japan turned to Japan Post for support. Japan has over 20,000 post offices across the country This partnership allowed the brand to create Kit Kat Mail Kit Kat consumers could buy Kit Kat Mail at the post office, write a personalised message and send it to family and friends The results Over $11 million worth of free brand publicity   Download this ready-designed PDF to access the full case study. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.

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