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Heavy Print Media Consumers

Heavy print media users are more likely to be above average income earners, better educated and big spenders. Heavy Unaddressed Mail and Magazine readers are most likely to be big spenders. Heavy readers of Addressed Mail and Newspapers are more trusted for advice by those making financial or investment purchases. Those who are heavy Magazine and Catalogue readers are more open to trying new products.


Understanding the customers’ path to purchase provides marketers and media buyers insight into the customers’ purchasing journey. Determining which media channel is most useful to the customer when making purchasing decisions tells us what media mix delivers the best sales outcomes. Consideration to the customers’ path to purchase provides invaluable insight.




KFC used the power of newspapers to say sorry KFC wanted to apologise to their angry customers for the closure of their restaurants due to a shortage of chicken in the country, and restore loyalty and customer confidence in the brand again. How they did it KFC used humour in a full page newspaper apology The brand cleverly changed their infamous logo from KFC to FCK The ad was published in the Metro and The Sun newspapers The results The ad was shared over 219 million times The ad reached nearly 800 million with editorial coverage Download this ready-designed PDF to access the full case study. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.

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