Consideration of which media channels are of most use to your customers provides an invaluable insight into their purchasing behaviour and translates to purchase and brand loyalty.

  • 74% of consumers go online and make a purchase from reading direct mail. (Accenture, 2020).


  • Media brands and advertising alignment offers relevancy across all platforms with 72% of audiences reporting a strong connection to both print and online mastheads. (Magnetic, 2020).


  • 47% of Australians read catalogues to discover new products, 44% to save money, 46% to find inspiration for gift ideas and 42% to keep up to date on products and prices. (Roy Morgan 2020).
  • 81% of Australians have a dedicated have a dedicated place to keep mail in their home and 56% always share direct mail with other members of the household. (Accenture, 2020).


  • Magazines deliver activation effects, with a 10% uplift from Non-users of magazines and digital media brands deliver a 41% uplift over other digital outputs. (Magnetic, 2020).


  • 75% of online purchasing was primarily influenced by the printed catalogue. (Sappi, 2017).
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