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Consideration of which media channels are of most use to your customers provides an invaluable insight into their purchasing behaviour and translates to purchase and brand loyalty.

  • 82% of internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision, that’s more than any other medium (MarketingSherpa, 2016).


  • Print ads (49%) beat social media (20%), mobile ads (18%) and SMS marketing (27%) in attracting consumers in-store (Nielsen, 2016).


  • On the Path to Purchase for Electrical products, printed catalogues (41%), news media (31%) and newspapers (27%) are the top three influential channels for Where to Buy and Price (emma, 2017).
  • 75% of online purchasing was primarily influenced by the printed catalogue (Sappi, 2017).


  • 49% of Millennials made a purchase because of what they saw in a magazine (Quad Graphics, 2015).
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