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Drinking Paper produced The Drinkable Book to educate its readers.

This unique book educated it readers on basic safety information regarding water supplies and hygiene, but it also purified contaminated water by using the pAges. Collaborating with advertising agency DDB and WATERisLIFE, the book was deisgned to raise awareness and donations for the campaign.

How they did it

  • The special pAges are made from a sturdy, porous blotter-type paper which allow bacteria to come into direct contact with the embedded silver nanoparticles which are excellent antimicrobial agents
  • The pAges are also an instruction manual printed in food-quality ink that provide basic safety information on why and how to drink clean drinking water
  • Simply tear the pAge along the perforation, slide the filter into the 3D printed case (the book’s packaging) and pour the contaminated water through

The results

  • The books were trialled in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh
  • Their video on The Drinkable Book™ has already been viewed over a million times and has seen a huge increase in donations to the campaign

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