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OPSM created a book to launch consumers into action

One in six kids have a vision problem and for many it’s undetected. OPSM wanted to address this issue and produced a printed book and online app that incorporates vision testing methods to allow parents to screen their children’s sight and determine whether they need an eye test.

How they did it

  • The book could identify three critical tests that would detect the most common vision problems for children and then integrated them into a story
  • The story came with an instructional manual and screening kit that enables the tests
  • While parents read the story, they use the kit contents to guide the child through each interactive ‘test’ and record their scores in the instructional manual

The results

  • 188% increase in kid’s eyewear packages
  • 89% increase in OPSM consultation bookings
  • 14% increase in sales, directly attributed to campaign
  • #1 Health App in the Apple Store during launch
  • Almost 50,000 engagements on social media in its first two weeks


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