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Nutrimetics: Christmas

Nutrimetics has a strong fifty-year brand presence in the Australian and New Zealand markets, operating as a direct selling beauty company delivering trusted and quality naturally enriched products for women and men of all ages. A strong brand identity with community ethics and empowerment of people is long established with strong campaigns, and maintained today. Using loyal customer data, Nutrimetics builds monthly and seasonal campaigns to communicate product quality and ranges available with value package sets, via catalogue and direct mail.


  • A luxury creative was implemented with a brochure being sent using direct mail to 55,000 loyal Nutrimetics customers. The brochure content was designed as multi-functional with existing products but also gift packs and bundled value offers. The brochure was supported by a personalised flysheet, highlighting key products and incentives.

The results

  • Consistent theming and considered product inclusion saw the ‘Beauty for Christmas’ campaign deliver a +2% increase in total YOY sales, achieving a total $6M in total sales. The creative balance of light, fresh and feminine Christmas theming aligned with the ‘gift-with-purchases and accessories’ offered with a partnership between in-house creative and the product development team building a strong campaign with complementary solutions. The direct mail brochure was adapted to a ‘letterbox friendly’ A5 format with personalisation and ‘product-centric’ front cover highlighting new releases and best sellers. Imagery and colour palette selection was specific to the target audience (women aged 40+) with solid pinks and greens utilised to highlight price pointing and value offers.

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