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Nutella offers personalised packaging to appeal to Millennials

Nutella wanted to build a lasting relationship with its customers and attach a sense of community to its iconic brand. To achieve this, a one-to-one marketing strategy was implemented which focused on the concept of ‘Make Me Yours’ with customers invited to personalise their Nutella label.

How they did it

  • The customer had to use an in-built Facebook app to scan the barcode on the Nutella jar and then type the name they wished to be used for their personalised label
  • The label would then be posted to the customer for them to stick onto their jar of Nutella
  • Myer offered shoppers the opportunity to instantly purchase personalised jars, with special printers being deployed to all stores in order to print the personalised labels

The results

  • Hundreds of thousands of customers accessing the online app
  • Top-selling item at Myer for their Christmas period
  • 400,000 personalised jars in Victoria alone
  • 50,000 sold in their flagship store

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