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Natur-Energi used direct mail to increase the number of invoices paid on time.

The study aimed to establish what effect digital invoicing had on success on customers and whether switching to invoices sent via physical mail could improve the on-time delivery of payments with those customers. The campaign also investigated whether digital invoices were cheaper than physical mail in regard to overall operational costs.

How they did it

  • A test population group of 2,879 new customers were selected and their behaviour through a two-month billing and payment cycle was carefully monitored
  • Records were kept of the type of invoice sent, date and medium of the first and second reminders, traffic to Customer Service and date of write-off

The results

  • 59% of customers receiving the invoice via e-mail had to be sent a reminder
  • 29% receiving the invoice by mail required a follow up message
  • Natur-Energi saved 42.8% using paper billing

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