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Lass Natural Cosmetics created coupons to increase awareness of sales and drive traffic in store

Lass Natural Cosmetics use a minimal amount of artificial preservatives in their products compared to their competitors. This means they tend to have a much shorter shelf life and so stock clearance sales are regularly employed in order to move old product quickly. They are a ‘natural cosmetic’ company and looked to the paper substrate to align with their brand messaging.

How they did it

  • Their promotion stayed true to the values of the brand by using die-cut coupons fashioned out of paper substrate make form leaves and petals
  • Owing to the continuous loss of moisture, the text would inevitably expand and become unreadable within 48 hours, rendering the coupons useless
  • Existing customers on the database received coupons, they were delivered as unaddressed mail to homes near major Lass outlets and inserted into newspapers

The results

  • 70% of coupons were used in the allocated time frame
  • Within 5 days, Lass Natural Cosmetics recorded the highest ever sales of near-expiry stock

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