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Kaya Skin Clinics used print to emphasise the power of water

Aqua launched a print campaign that used an innovative water reveal paper to get their message across. The advert only revealed the printed image when it came into contact with water.

How they did it

  • The advertisements ran on the back covers of the highest circulating weekend magazine supplements
  • They appeared, at first, to be plain white. A message reading “what nature’s purest skin care ingredient can do” invited the reader to wipe the page with water to reveal the image of a beautiful woman’s face
  • This could be repeated again and again as soon as the paper had dried

The results

  • Enquiries jumped by 43%
  • Revenues from Aqua Radiance rose by 62% year-on-year
  • 42% of visitors to the clinic post-campaign were first timers

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