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The Line Up

Paper and print explore the complete spectrum of our senses and consistently proves itself as a strong performer. Regardless of your measurement criteria, print delivers across all disciplines from efficacy to ROI, path to purchase and brand positioning. To learn more about the power of print and innovative applications explore the world of print below.

Brains Trust

Paper and print have several subcategories all with unique strengths. The Brains Trust collates the benefits of each category: Direct Mail, Newspapers, Letterbox, Magazines, Catalogues and Print Marketing. To know your facts and stats download the Top Ten Reasons below.

Direct Mail  Direct Mail

Newspapers  Newspapers

Letterbox  Letterbox

Magazines  Magazines

Catalogues  Catalogues

Print Marketing  Print Marketing


Paper and print industry’s environmental credentials, through its myriad of uses from commercial applications to the basis for learning and creativity, offers Australian companies one of the most sustainable ways to communicate – it is reusable, recyclable (or upcyclable) and renewable.

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