Effective marketing campaigns require clarification of their goals and the ability to measure the degree to which objectives are met.

  • “Digital media is making mass media work better and that potential effectiveness is much higher. But while potential effectiveness has increased. Actual effectiveness has not,” Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness (Adam & Eve DDB, 2019).


  • Coles, ‘Coles’ magazine has an engaged audience with 87% of its readers being more likely to buy ingredients from Coles specifically for a recipe in ‘Coles’ magazine. Powerful content engagement across the entire readership leading to strong effectiveness outcomes (MediumRareContent, 2019).


  • 80.2% of Australians have told a friend/family member about what they saw from reading a catalogue (Roy Morgan, 2020).
  • 46% of 18 – 34 year old Australians have made a purchase as a result of receiving a communication via direct mail. (Accenture, 2020).


  • 75.7% of all Catalogue Readers 14+ have kept a catalogue for future reference. Of those who have kept a catalogue, 36.8% generally keep their catalogues for less than a week and 45.1% keep their catalogues for 1-2 weeks. 16.8% keep them for longer than 2 weeks. (Roy Morgan, 2020).


  • When a brand takes the time to send a physical copy of something, consumers feel valued and there’s a tangible experience with the brand. Whether it’s a huge chain supermarket sending out the weekly specials, or a specialty retailer sending you a bespoke letter to re-engage, it’s a good feeling to get something in the mail. (Ovato, 2020).
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