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Ogilvy Brazil and the New Zealand Rugby team incorporated blood into ink to generate an emotional response

Ogilvy Brazil combined HIV positive blood with ink to reduce the stigma around how the virus is contracted.

How Ogilvy did it

  • Posters were created that contained 1 drop of blood from an HIV-positive individual and distributed throughout São Paulo.
  • The text on the posters read, “I’m just like any other poster. Except for one thing: I’m HIV positive.. I’m living with the virus. At this point you may be taking a step back, wondering if I offer any danger.”

The results

  • Effective at educating readers that HIV can’t survive for more than an hour outside the human body
  • Emotional responses were provoked where the public touched and kissed the poster

The ‘All Blacks’ players put a piece of their DNA into limited edition posters to acknowledge the support from fans.

How the All Blacks did it

  • All Blacks players each donated a sample of blood that was combined with ink to produce 8000 special edition posters
  • Slogans such as “Stand in black. It’s in our blood” and “Rugby. It runs through your veins” were used in the campaign
  • These ‘Bonded by Blood’ edition posters came with a certificate of authentication and given to those fans who purchased an All Blacks jersey

The results

  • Well received within the community
  • The posters cultivated a strong sense of community
  • This campaign allowed the All Blacks to acknowledge the depth of support received by fans over the years

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