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Bulk cat litter warehouse used direct mail to increase sales

Instead of targeting cat owners, Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse teamed up with Rethink Canada to create scented mail that would appeal directly to cats.

How they did it

  • The catnip scent was sprayed on cards that were illustrated with cute cat cartoons and ‘to-the-point’ copy
  • This was a targeted campaign using a database of 500 homes with cats within the specified driving radius of the store
  • Rethink Canada also created a video showing audiences how the cards were created and the amusing consequences it had when exposed to the cats ensuring the campaign’s reach surpassed 500 mailings

The results

  • 30% increase in advertising effectiveness when triggering more than two senses
  • The most effective campaign by Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse
  • A huge spike in customer counts and sales

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