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Your brand represents the value consumers perceive in your product or service and is therefore one of your most valuable intangible assets.

  • Print readers give brands 80% total attention (Newsworks, 2017).


  • Touching advertisements increases people’s beliefs that the brand is honest and sincere by 41%. Creative that encourages people to touch print produces stronger brand impressions. (PHD Media, 2015)


  • 93% of Chief Marketing Officers agree that their organisations must develop a publishing function in order to execute their growth agenda. With print publications being the most effective and engaging platform to align brand messaging (Forbes, 2016).
  • With 72% of Australian consumers preferring to read printed books and magazines, 63% preferring printed catalogues and 61% gaining a deeper understanding when reading from print, brands are tapping into consumer trust and preferences are key to building brand equity (Toluna, 2017).


  • Brandzines provide brands the opportunity to build their story. Readers of Coles ‘Coles’ (3.4million) and Woolworths ‘Fresh’ (3.7million) magazines increase sales by ~7% each week from loyal customers (NewsMediaWorks, 2016).
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