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Brands used coloured paper to spice up their campaign and attract consumers

The vast majority of mailers, brochures and other promotional material are still printed on standard stock white paper. By differentiating through the use of coloured paper, brands can stand out from the crowd, be seen and have their message heard.

How Woosh did it

  • Woosh in New Zealand wanted to target disgruntled householders, and let them know they could be paying half as much with their service
  • The letter along with the envelope was physically ripped in half
  • Woosh printed the letter on coloured paper using the brand colour which is a ‘violent’ green

The results

  • 62% increase in new Woosh customers

How Fibrecore did it

  • They wanted to differentiate their brand and create a brochure that was different to the usual ‘techie’ style used by its competitors
  • A turquoise colour paper was used for the brand to represent energy, wisdom and clarity and complemented the simple, non-techie design and copy of the brochures

The results

  • 14% uplift in sales and enquiries

How Royal Mail did it

  • Royal Mail decided to test the power of coloured paper in a special mailing to their top 2,000 clients
  • 1,000 clients were mailed information on standard, white stock paper and another 1,000 were mailed information on bright red paper

The results

  • Out of the 1,000 printed on the standard, white stock they received 200 RSVP’s
  • Out of the 1,000 printed on bright red, they had 580 RSVP’s

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